Rating Scale

10-This is amazing!!!  I would eat it again, anytime, anywhere.  If it were my last meal and I got to choose what to eat, this would be on the list.  If I were making money on this, I would want to keep this recipe under wraps!  I never have to look for another, _________ recipe again.  
This is THE ONE!! (insert banana bread, stir fry, salsa, etc.)
9-I love this!  It is so delicious.  I'm putting it on the menu for next month.
8-I like this recipe.  And will probably make it again.
7-I like this recipe enough to keep it around, but not the "be all, end all".
6-I'm not really sure if I'll make this one again.  It was good enough, but I wasn't that impressed.
5-This recipe was just okay.  Definitely not a keeper.
4-Whose Idea was it to try this recipe?
3-If you were the one that suggested this recipe, you might want to keep it to yourself.  Wouldn't claim that one.
2-I might eat this, if I was really hungry or scavenging for food, like maybe after some kind of natural disaster.
1-Not even sure if I'd feed this to my dog, if I had one.  And you know how much I like dogs.

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